DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE, PROGRESS – Nordic Game Conference 2015


Diversi at Nordic Game 2015

This year Diversi will be present at the Nordic Game Conference for the first time, as the starting point of a long-term partnership.ng.blue_.2.850.560

We’ve got exciting happenings planned for the duration of the event. There is a Diversity Mixer, a Diversi Panel AND we are sending female students from all over Scandinavia to NGC in an effort to bolster female representation throughout the industry. 

Our goal is to continue to work for increased Diversity within games, this time together with Nordic Game. Through enabling, through positive reinforcement, through representation.


Wednesday 4.00pm – The Diversi Mixer

Join Diversi at our mixer at Nordic Game! That’s right! Diversi is throwing a diversity-focused mixer at the Nordic Game Conference in a relaxed setting with drinks and light food. The mixer will be held in The Game Arcade (The Round Bar) on Wednesday the 20th of May, between 4pm and 5pm. Bring friends and interested parties!

Thursday 4.15pm – The Diversi Panel

The Diversi panel at Nordic Game 2015 features the theme “How can games make the world a better place?” The goal is to highlight the brightness of our industry and the positive effect it can have on its consumers by letting the panel discuss what has been achieved so far. Participants represent a mix of AAA/indie/mobile/education sectors.

Karin Ryding – Creative Director and Founder, Ozma Games

Annika Fogelgren – Producer, King
Ann Sofie Sydow – Project Manager, The Game Assembly
Åsa Roos – Senior UX Designer, Avalanche Studios
Dajana Dimovska – CEO & Producer, Knapnok Games ApS
Rami Ismail – Chief Executive Business & Development Guy at indie game studio @Vlambeer

Female Students to Nordic Game 2015

In an effort to encourage and fortify the presence of women in the games industry we’ve received the opportunity to send female students from games educations in nordic countries to Nordic Game Conference 2015. The purpose being increased representation of women at industry events, and also to provide ample possibilities to grow their network, exchange ideas and ease the transition from student life into work life.

A total of 14 will be participating and students represent a number of Nordic institutions such as Helsinki Metropolia University of applied sciences, Viden Djurs, Denmark, Vallekilde University, Dania Games, GAME Uppsala University Campus Gotland, Skövde University, PlaygroundSquad, Future Games and the University of Tampere.

We hope to see many of you on the floor during the conference days and at our events!


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