Diversi Meet up summary

The first ever Diversi Meet up took place at Future Games in Stockholm. The event started with a presentation from spokesperson for the Swedish Games Industry (Dataspelsbranschen), Per Strömbäck.

In the light of recent events involving outspoken social activist and author of the video blog series Feminist Frequency, Anita Sarkeesian, he called on the industry to show solidarity against the growing antagonistic culture against women and all under represented groups within the industry.

Despite some strong submissions, Pernilla Sparrhult’s interpretation of the Diversi logo won the top award and her creation will now be incorporated into all future activities.

Attendees to the event were then given free rein to discuss, debate and define the challenges and provide suggestions of solutions amongst each other on diversity within the industry. Members of Diversi’s steering committee also asked the attendees how they think Diversi should be organized, what Diversi should work with and how, what criteria Diversi Awards should have etc.

A lot of great ideas and feedback was revealed over the course of the evening. The future is bright!

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