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Video blogs

  • http://www.feministfrequency.com/ Feminist Frequency is a video webseries that explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives. The video series was created by Anita Sarkeesian in 2009 and largely serves as an educational resource to encourage critical media literacy. It also provides resources for media makers to improve their works of fiction.
  • http://www.polygamer.net/ A show where individuals are interviewed about their experiences in the gaming industry with equality and diversity, racism, ageism, ableism, sexism and more.
  • http://www.youtube.com/user/GaymerCon/ A collection of panels and talks from the GaymerX convention where equality and diversity in games are discussed.



  • http://bbrathwaite.wordpress.com/Brenda Romero is the Program Director for the UC Santa Cruz Master’s in Games + Playable Media and the CEO and Co-Founder of Loot Drop, game studio focused on fun. She has a long and well renowned career from the classic Wizardry series to the controversial board game “Train”.
  • http://colleenmacklin.tumblr.com/ Colleen Macklin teaches at Parsons The New School for Design, direct the play research lab PETLab, and make games and other playful things.
  • http://discordia.se/ Discordia drivs av Åsa Roos, speldesigner sedan år 2000. Tongivande för siten är att den genomsyras av min passion för spel, och min önskan att se spel bli något mer än vad de i dagsläget är. Detta hoppas jag åstadkomma genom att skapa rum för diskussion, och framlägga tankar och idéer runt spel och vad spel är samt vad det kan vara.
  • http://leenavandeventer.com/ Leena van Deventer is a game developer and writer from Melbourne, Australia. She is a co-director at Widget (Women In Development, Games & Everything Tech), a not-for-profit organisation aimed at helping women game developers and women in IT.
  • http://leighalexander.net/ Leigh Alexander writes about video games, interactive entertainment, and various other things. As longtime editor-at-large for Gamasutra, she contributes game criticism,  design analysis, industry trend editorial, and interviews with developers to the world’s best, ugliest website on the art of game development.
  • http://www.louisestigell.com/ Louise Stigell är frilanscopywriter, digital strateg och gamificationspecialist. Jag hjälper företag skapa kommunikation som engagerar och konverterar.
  • http://www.mattiebrice.com/ Mattie Brice is a play and games critic, designer, and activist. She previously wrote at publications like Kotaku, Paste Magazine, and PopMatters about design and social justice within the games industry, and now writes independently.
  • http://samanthakalman.com/ Samantha Kalman is a full time cross-disciplinary artist with a keen interest in interactive experiences. She loves creating and consuming games, music, films, and all other forms of art. She is an expert in prototyping and Unity3D. 
  • http://www.saracasen.com/ Sara Casén is a video game developer with roots in game design and community management. Right now she trys to learn how to art. Sometimes she writes long posts about deep stuff, mostly related to game development in some way or another.
  • http://www.sophiageorge.com/ Sophia George is a games artist & designer from the UK.
  • http://www.themarysue.com/category/gaming/ The Mary Sue aims to promote, watchdog, extoll, and celebrate women’s representation and work to make geekdom safe and open for women. The blog, covers a multitude of medias and of course they have a massive games-section.