Sverok Logotyp Blå_RGB_miniSverok is an umbrella organization that gathers a big portion of the Swedish gaming hobby – and with more than 100 000 members in  1 100 clubs all over the country, it is the largest youth organization in Sweden. Activities include roleplaying games, board games, miniature games, LARPs, collectible card games, LAN parties, airsoft, paintball and more.

Diversity within Sverok

As the largest youth organization in Sweden it is important that Sverok is open to all who have an interest in games as a hobby. This is why Sverok continually work with diversity and equality within the organization, for example through the Equal Treatment Plan and in the project NAB – Norms, Attitudes and Behaviour.

Respect All, Compete!

A project run by Sverok and financed by Arvsfonden with the aim to make the e-sport scene more open and welcoming to all. Experience and studies, among others from Sverok (the NAB project and the report “…Jag finns inte i spel“) show that there is a lack of knowledge and understanding within the e-sport scene regarding the frequent occurrance of discrimination, hatespeech and threats. The goal is to activate and collaborate with all stakeholders within the Swedish e-sport scene (players, organizers, game developers etc.) and together build frameworks, create meeting spaces and spread knowledge. This is done on behalf of and together with the e-sport clubs within Sverok. The vision is that e-sport will be taken more seriously while also being a safe and welcoming environment for all.

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Mattias von Gegerfelt, Project Manager