STHLM e-sport

STHLM e-sport are for those who want to watch, read about, participate in and discuss e-sports in an inclusive, friendly and mature form. STHLM e-sport organizes e-sports related events in and around Stockholm and operates, a gathering place for e-sports in Swedish. We run five different franchises that focuses on a specific e-sports title : BarCraft STHLM (Starcraft 2), Bar of Legends (League of Legends). PubStomp STHLM (Dota 2), Fireside STHLM (Hearthstone) and Heroes of the Bar STHLM (Heroes of the Storm).

Diversity in STHLM e-sport

In STHLM e-sport all are welcome – no matter what games you play and how well you play, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation. We have constantly in our mind who we have created our community for and discuss how we should do to make them feel safe and welcome. We are for those who do not feel at home in other forums, those who want to escape the harsh jargon contained in e-sports, those who feel like a minority and would not dare to raise their voice.

  • We are working hard with the moderation in our forums.
  • Our forum rules include prohibitions against sexism, racism and homophobia.
  • We encourage talks and discussions on gender equality in our forums.
  • We cover topics relating to equality and diversity in the articles on the website.
  • We are working to have a diversity in our own working group and to ensure that it is seen from the outside to show good example.
  • We choose partners who do not conflict with our values.

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