ozmalogo_greyOzma Games is a Malmö-based studio founded in 2006 by Karin Ryding and Bobbi A. Sand. During the years Ozma has worked with a wide range of games; from board games and location-based games to gamification and research projects. The studio is currently working on a series of games that focus on the players creativity and personal expression. The first game to be released is Words of Oz – a creative word game that will be launched in autumn 2014.

Diversity Initiatives at Ozma

By being one of few game studios in Sweden (and in the world) founded by two women, Ozma has attracted some attention over the years. In Ozma we take diversity seriously and let it influence the way we work and how we recruit people. One goal is to have a board with no more than 50% men. Ozma will contribute to a more gender equal game industry by using affirmative action and by working to towards the empowerment of women in the industry.

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Karin Ryding, Producer/Creative Director

Bobbi Augustine Sand, Game Designer/Art Director