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  • Hello, welcome to the Diversi Podcast!

    From left: Samson Wiklund, Siri Hallberg Söderström, and Gemma Thomson.

    From left: Samson Wiklund, Siri Hallberg Söderström, and Gemma Thomson.

    Each episode of the  Diversi Podcast addresses a different diversity issue and how it relates to games industry, culture and communities ­ all in a positive and approachable manner.

    In season one of the podcast, the hosts help to develop an understanding of what’s meant by ‘diversity in games’, the work which has already been done in this area, and what has yet to come. Along with special guests including David Grundström (IGN Sweden), Liam Esler (IGDA, GX Australia) and Inger Ekman (TjejHack), the podcast explores topics including games for girls, sexuality in games, game accessibility, diversity in games media and ethnic diversity in games.


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    About the Authors

    The podcast is authored and hosted by Samson Wiklund, Gemma Thomson and Siri Hallberg Söderström ­ all contributors to the Diversi organisation, who bring their prior experiences in games journalism and game creation to bear on every episode. Samson Wiklund is an experienced games writer and radio host, for outlets and programmes including Svampriket, IGN Sweden and “P3­Spel”. Siri Hallberg Söderström is a freelance journalist for IGN Sweden. Gemma Thomson is a game designer and diversity campaigner, also working with national and international initiatives such as LadyCADE and TjejHack.