Diversi’s work is expanding and growing as our network reaches more and more people and organisations. 2015 will be a year were shape our activities and pave the way for long term work towards more diverse games sectors. More information is coming.

Diversi Meetups

The aim of the Diversi Meet-ups is to enable people to exchange knowledge and experiences related to diversity, and to find potential partners to collaborate with on diversity initiatives.

We arrange mixers at industry events, but you can also approach your local group for meetups. It’s the banner under which we rally when things need to be discussed and ideas exchanged. It’s a forum for workshops on such as diversity in character development, recruitment, moderation etc., as well as other events like game jams, seminars or lunches.

Local Groups

As part of ur network we have Local Groups, they are the grassroot movement part of Diversi and in several ways the most important. The aim is to have Local Groups spread across at least all larger cities and seats of education, currently Groups are budding in Malmö, Skövde, Stockholm and Visby. The groups present an oppertunity for people from industry, education programmes and games communities to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.

The Local Groups will – for example – arrange local Diversi Meet-ups and organize Meet-ups etc. at game conferences, in collaboration with Diversi Operations.

Interested to see if there’s a Local Group starting up near you? Get in touch by mailing

Task Groups

Tasks Groups allow us to handle several specific focus areas with ease. Anyone from our network can join a task group to contribute their competencies and get to work in an area they’re especially passionate about. If you’re interested in joining, send an email to

Current task groups

  • Games Education
  • Community & E-Sports
  • Diversi Awards
  • Diversi Local Groups
  • Media & Journalism
  • Diversi Podcast
  • Diversi Connect


Part of Diversi’s mission is to highlight steps towards diversification in games. With “Diversify!” we want to educate and bring forth stories from within the industry, education and community. We do this by creating a showcase here on the website and by sharing through workshops and talks that Diversi also visits. We’d really like to tell your story!

Got a story to share that you want to tell the world about? Get in touch with us!

Here is what we would like you to send:

  • Logo
  • Brief description of your organisation (around 320 characters including spaces)
  • Short text about your organisation’s approach to diversity in general
  • A longer description of some initiatives that can inspire and help others
  • A link to further information
  • Name and email address

Mail everything to:

Diversi Awards

Diversi Awards is an ongoing work where we create a framework for a set of prizes that can be presented both at games conferences, competitions and community events. The awards are focused on rewarding games that are outstanding from a diversity perspective, as well as awards for best diversity initiative in game companies, educational institutions and gaming communities. Our first award will be presented at the Swedish Game Awards 2015.

Diversi Connect

This is the platform we are planning for our Network. An online presence and forum especially aimed at industry companies and organisations to act as a platform for discussion, strategy, recruitment, moderation and more.