The Diversi Manifesto

When we talk about diversity, we refer to gender, sexuality, ethnicity and function diversity.

When we talk about the need for more diversity in games, game companies, game community and educational institutions, we refer to a need for both ‘quantitative’ and ‘qualitative’ diversity.

In other words, we have a twofold wish: to see people of different genders, sexualities and ethnicities, and those with disabilities represented in games, game companies, game communities and in education; and to see that these people are not depicted or treated as (stereotypical) representatives of those groups.

A more qualitative diversity means instilling a mindset where stereotypical assumptions make way for a practice of openness – not just by bolstering numbers, but by influencing the way we engage with one another across the entire industry.

Despite our very similar biological makeup, each one of us is unique and individuals shouldn’t be seen as representatives for a social group, but rather should be free to be themselves – with all the complexities and depth that come with being human, across all facets of the gaming sphere.