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  • Background

    Diversi started out as an pre-study in 2013, formed by the Swedish Games Industry and research company Praxikon, financed by VINNOVA the Swedish Innovation Agency.

    Through surrounding world analysis the following was discovered:

    • Initiatives connected to diversity already existed there were little or no communication between them
    • Absence of mutual gathering points led to hampered progress and a lot of inventing the wheel
    • They only focused on one aspect of the gaming sphere instead of connecting the educational, development and community sphere
    • There are so many connection points between the industry, community and educational sphere that an isolated measure might not be sufficient

    This is how the idea of an umbrella organisation formed, and so Diversi was conceptualised. The first unofficial meetup was held in October 2014 and the organisation was founded in January 2015. Since 2018 Diversi has become an international umbrella organisation in the Nordic countries.

    meetup_mildaMilda Rönn from Praxikon at the first Diversi Meetup in October 2014.

    meetup01A round table at the first Diversi Meetup in October 2014 – “What should be the first step?

  • What needs were discovered?

    The Industry

    • Needs a broadened pool of talent
    • Needs unique game ideas to keep being innovative
    • Needs to keep up with its evolving customer base

    Educational Institutions

    • Needs a way to address diversification as they are bringing up the game developers of tomorrow

    The Community

    • Gamers need a banner to rally behind that values inclusivity and to develop the communities that they exist within