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    Who can start a Local Group?

    Anyone can! Each local group needs one contact that serves as the main liason to Diversi’s main office, they’ll have access to our internal updates and we will help them set things up. Regional local groups should also have three representatives, ideally they also represent the three pillars of Diversi; industry, community and education.

    How does it work?

    The representatives organise themselves through meetings to plan the activities of their local group, eventually they will also need help from more people in their local network in order to make things run. These individuals together form the core of the local group.

    Diversi’s main office is available for advice and support for all representatives throughout all aspects of their work!

    Getting Started

    How does one actually get started with a local group?
    We put together a nifty guide document for you to read with some basic tips for how to get going:

    Download the Guide >>

    International Groups

    If you’re interested in starting up a Diversi Chapter outside of Scandinavia we recommend that you contanct us directly via Email >>