Diversi Local Groups

With our Local Groups we’d like people to come together on a regional level and find others to collaborate with on diversity initiatives. The groups really represent the grassroots aspect of Diversi.

The idea is to establish regional chapters where local organisations can meet, exchange ideas and find ways to combine their diversification efforts.

We want the groups to strengthen existing local networks and making it easier to find people with certain expertise and an interest in diversity from all sectors of the gaming sphere, for events, workshops, seminars and the like.


The local groups choose their own activities as long as they are in line with Diversi’s over arching goals. The idea is that the Local Groups fo things that are relevant to people and organisations in their own region, mainly through what we like to call “Meetups”

What is a Meetup?

A meetup is where all the interesting stuff happens! Meetups are done either on an international, national or regional level. Essentially a gathering event for industry, education and community with a pre-planned theme related to diversity, a chance to mix, talk and maybe share a snack.

Usually they include some form of seminar or presentation.
This format works really well for local groups but every group is free to decide their own events and may as well focus entirely on seminars, workshops, game jams, hackathons or whatever the local participants have an interest in being part of!

Where can I find info about the next Meetup?

The best way to keep track of Diversi’s meetups and activities is our Facebook page and our Newsletter.

What Local Groups are currently up and running?

Malmö, Stockholm, Visby, Gothenburg, Umeå and Skövde have budding chapters that you can join. Are none of those in your vicinity? That’s ok, you can set up a group in your own area and make things happen! Find or start a Local Group >>