Diversi Podcast is an audio resource exploring diversity in a gaming context. We look at gaming culture, games content and game creation in a positive and informative manner, with panel discussions, guest interviews and links to recommended resources.

Season one of the Diversi Podcast has been made possible thanks to support by King.
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Episode 7: Sexuality in Games

In the seventh episode of the Diversi Podcast, we discuss sexuality as it is portrayed in games – be that...

Episode 6: Ableism and Gaming with Disabilities

In this episode we discuss various topics in the spectrum of functional variations, in games representation, organizations that works towards...

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Episode 5: Ethnicity in Games

In the fifth episode of the Diversi Podcast, we take our first steps into discussing the ways in which ethnicity...


Episode 4: Queer Sexuality in Games

In the fourth episode of the Diversi Podcast, we discuss the ways in which queer sexualities are represented in games....

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Episode 3: Diversity in Games Media

The third episode of the Diversi Podcast. We discuss diversity in Games Media and have invitied David Grundström, former managing chief...


Episode 2: Games for Girls; Girls and Games

In episode two of the Diversi Podcast, we discuss the ways in which games attempt to relate women and girls, and...

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Episode 1: What is Diversity?

In this first episode of the Diversi Podcast we get to know the podcast panel regulars, define what we mean...