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    A walk in Malmö

    This is not an elevator pitch

    As much as I was excited about launching a blog column on Diversi, I was also dreading the introduction. I...


    The Petition – Sexism has no place in the world of gaming

    Sexism, hate and threats have no place in our society, and neither does it have a place in gaming –...


    A Journey of Inclusiveness

    A childs view on how inclusivity works for adults can be represented by a famous toy for kids. Children learn...


    The Women of The Banner Saga

    The Banner Saga was one of the first major Kickstarter successes a few years back. The game was made by...

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    Diversi at Nordic Game 2015

    Diversity, Tolerance, Progress Diversi at Nordic Game 2015 – An industry for everyone makes greater games With this headline Diversi...



    Inspired by Supermarit (2006-2009), DONNA was founded at the computer game development programs at University of Skövde in 2011 with...



    TjejHack is a new initiative to involve more women to game making. The project provides accessible entry points for women...

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    The Diversi Manifesto

    When we talk about diversity, we refer to gender, sexuality, ethnicity and function diversity. When we talk about the need for...