Episode 5: Ethnicity in Games

In the fifth episode of the Diversi Podcast, we take our first steps into discussing the ways in which ethnicity is represented in games and the games industry – initially, as viewed from a ‘caucasian+’ perspective. This episode was supported by King.

A Clarification from the Podcast Team

We are fully aware of the how problematic it is to have a discussion on race and ethnicity whilst having a panel with only caucasians. The plan, which we probably should have made more apparent within the episode, is (and was during recording as well) to have other groups represented in the following episodes tackling this subject. As we stated in the intro; this is speaking from our LIMITED perspective. Part of the plan with the series is to see where we as a priviliged group FAIL in our efforts.

Samson Wiklund

Siri Hallberg Söderström, Gemma Thomson

Gemma Thomson

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This episode uses samples from Golden Hour by Broke for Free, used under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License and Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0. Cover photo credited to NASA, in the public domain.

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