Postponed: Hall of Femmes meet Tasneem Salim

Unfortunately this event has been postponed to later this spring or early summer due to logistic issues. We refer to Hall of Femmes website and Facebook for further information:

Tasneem Salim – A Saudi game developer changing the landscape of game development.

Hall of Femmes in partnership with Diversi and the Swedish Games Inustry is inviting Tasneem Salim to Stockholm to talk about gaming culture in the arab world, feminism and what the future might hold in store for the industry. January 27th 2016 at ABF-huset.


Some people say gaming can change the world. The last few years the games industry have faced rising critique in matters concering diversity and equality, a discussion that has been brought to the attention of mass media by individuals such as in example Anita Sarkeesian. Tasneem Salim is a 25-year old ground breaking game developer from Saudi Arabia that is determined to make a difference and to change the outloog for women in games.
»We believe that societies that don’t have a sci-fi culture don’t evolve. We’re hoping to start a spark and talk about local sci-fi, and how we as girls can develop the future.«  Tasneem says.

She is the founder and President of GCON, an annual convention for female gamers and developers in Saudi Arabia. Tasneem is currently working as Digital Media Strategist at eTree, she’s also a game developer.

Tasneem’s talk will be followed by the first official Diversi Stockholm Meetup in the Bar/Café lobby at ABF-Huset.

Book Your Tickets

Tickets for the lecture itself is limited, book yours today at Billetto – Hall of Femmes meets Tasneem Salim
The Diversi Meetup is free to attend even if you did not go to the lecture.

We really look forward to this and hope for some great insights, exchange of ideas and good conversation with you!

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