Diversi’s Logo Contest

Diversi is a collaborative project for us who develop and play games. We want everyone to come up with ideas on the look and feel of our logo. So we hereby announce a Diversi logo contest.


Make a sketch of a Diversi logo. The logo does not have to in it’s final form – the most important thing is that the the idea behind the logo is explained to the jury. It might be a text + image, or just an image.  Email your contribution to contact@diversi.nu before the 13th of october. Mark your email with”Logo” and don’t forget to give us your name, last namn and a short describtion of why you chose that design. (max 50 words). Questions about the contest can be directed to contact@diversi.nu.


The winner will get chocolate, flowers and a lovely dinner with the jury. The winner will also be credited for the development of the logo, and will be involved in the finalization. The Winning contribution will be revealed on the first Diversi Meet Up on the 15th of October.

Information & registration for Diversi Meet Up >>


The jury consits of memers of Diversi’s steering committee.

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